Recovers and Cleanings

As an awning owner you need to decide when it is time to clean and when it is time to recover.

Some of the things that we take into consideration when we talk to customers about cleaning vs recovering:

  • Age of the awning.  Once an awning is 12 to 15 years old usually the fabric is weakened and starting to show signs of wear.
  • Condition of the fabric.  Is it just dirty or has it started to weaken or rip?
  • Condition of the seams.  Is the stitching still intact and strong or has the thread weakened?

beforeTurn this into…


If your awning is looking less than nice, call us before your replace it.  We may be able to extend the life of your awning by years. Have it cleaned and restored to look like new with our specialized process.  We can make your awning look like new again for less than the price of a new one.



We also have the ability to repair and recover existing awnings that have been damaged or showing normal wear and tear.

For more information on Recovers and Cleaning, contact us.